Alpaca Wool Pillows

A Penrose Products luxuriously soft pillow is an ideal addition to any bed. Lovingly handmade in Nottinghamshire, these alpaca pillows complement our alpaca duvets to give you the best nights sleep possible.

Unlike normal pillows, alpaca wool pillows offer a balance between support and comfort. We fill them with only 100% Alpaca fiber that has been processed to organic standards, and it is this that works with your internal thermostat to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night.

Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic. The cool, dry environment created with the use of such a fibre makes it difficult for dust mites to live and breed. Our alpaca wool pillows are the perfect choice for sufferers of allergies such as asthma.

We are supporters the British rural economy and only use natural materials sourced within the UK. We use the finest fibre collected from British Alpaca’s and couple it with a natural cotton cover to give you a luxuriously natural product.

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